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Bryce Reagan Education Consulting Co. Ltd(Bryce Reagan Inc.)  headquartered in Sherlock, North Carolina, USA,is the earliest Chinese professional study abroad service and Educational Consultants India Ltd in Sherlock.The company was founded in 2009,as the leader of Chinese professional overseas-study service industry, it have been dedicated to international education exchange for 18 years and became one of the most professional consulting organizations to study in the United States,and it enjoys a high reputation in the field of study abroad to America.After years of unremitting efforts and the pursuit of the utmost, Boston education and professional development center is gradually becoming a research, development, consulting and counseling as one of the educational services and research institutions.

Based on the continuous study of overseas Chinese students' needs, BR Education Consulting Co. Ltd sets up the core team of professionals(including educators from American universities and senior academics and community activists in the educational triangle of North Carolina), building a full range of international service network For the Chinese students,and its main business scope includes:

  1. The application service of American private or public boarding and non boarding high school or junior high school education service;

  2. The application service for study abroad in American Universities;

  3. Education consulting and planning;

  4. VIP tutorial and examination counseling;

  5. American private middle school summer camp;

  6. Liaison arrangements for exchanges and visits between professional and educational institutions in China and the United States;

  7. Document translation and notarization certificate;

As a professional brand of studying abroad service industry,BR insist on creation,mining the needs of students, concerned about the healthy growth of students, physical and mental health problems, tracking and analysis of foreign students in the United States to learn to adapt to the situation, research status, collect all kinds of information and Research Report released.

In recent years, we are committed to the characteristics analysis of middle school students, development status and potential problems, for example,we found the universal hidden problem of cultural adaptation through follow-up survey,international students usually get into trouble and have various psychological problems Without the help of professional guidance.We targeted the development of English teaching, positive communication, to help them improve their English application ability, understanding of American culture and cultural conflicts, reduce the psychological burden of students, on the one hand, rooted in the United States BR company is more professional. And on this basis, comprehensive understanding of the needs of each student's development, and correctly guide the direction of secondary school students, to provide education planning services.

In order to provide a more professional and efficient education exchange service for Chinese students,BR is actively looking for excellent partners and has been cooperating with YMCA, the largest non-governmental international social service group in the United States for many years,recruiting Chinese students and providing authoritative help.In 2014, BR launched the first "2014 YMCA southeast survival summer camp"  and got a good reputation.

Bryce Reagan Education Consulting Co. Ltd(Bryce Reagan Inc.)abides by the laws of United States of America and People's Republic of China, scrupulously abides by the concept of promoting education and professional exchange between the two countries and resolutely opposes any hurt the feelings of the people's behavior, see our legal statement.

BR participated in and witnessed the sharing process of high-quality educational resources in the international community and gradual promotion along with the development of global cultural education.We not only build a good educational platform for Chinese students who has dream, but also urge ourselves to be a service institutions with excellence, respect and cultural values.

布萊斯 · 雷根教育咨詢有限公司(Bryce Reagan Inc.)總部位於美國北卡羅萊納州夏洛特市,是夏洛特最早成立的華人專業留學服務與教育咨詢公司。該公司成立於2009年,作為華人專業留學服務行業的領航者,18年來致力於國際教育交流,是最專業的美國留學咨詢機構之壹,在美國高中留學領域享有盛譽。經過多年的不懈努力和極致追求,波士頓教育和專業發展中心正逐步成為壹個集研究、開發、咨詢和輔導為壹體的教育服務與研究機構。

1. 申請美國私立或公立寄宿及非寄宿高中或初中的留學服務;
2. 申請美國大學的留學服務;
3. 教育咨詢和規劃;
4. VIP補習和考試輔導;
5. 美國私立中學夏令營;
6. 中美專業團體和教育機構交流考察的聯絡安排;
8. 文件證書翻譯和公證。



布萊斯·雷根教育咨詢有限公司(Bryce Reagan Inc.)遵守美利堅合眾國和中華人民共和國的法律,恪守促進兩國教育和專業交流的理念,堅決反對任何傷害兩國人民感情的行為,詳見我們的法律聲明。


The CEO of BR

Leeann Morgan, CEO, Bryce Reagan Consultant, INC.


美国北卡罗来纳州,布莱斯-雷根股份公司 首席执行官


Global Education Consultant, World Association for China Studies, USA. 

布莱斯-雷根中国学研究院 全球教育战略 总监

Choreographer of Phenix Dance Group, Charlotte.

兼职凤凰舞蹈艺术团 总教练


Baltimore Dance Institute


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